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Being Consistent

Posted on: April 29, 2007

Jennifer posted the following statement on a board I am on:

I can say this is the only time I’ve incorporated weight training into my efforts and it’s the most successful I’ve ever been. Definitely a correlation between training, consistency and success

She’s right. My experience has been the more consistent you are in your training activities the more success you have. And the pride you feel at achieving your weight training goals carries into many other areas of your life.

The success you experience definitely depends on the activities you choose. I was consistently doing cardio and yoga last fall but I didn’t have much success other than not gaining a bunch of weight on my butt over the holiday season. No real changes here in my body composition until I started training on a regular basis with a routine that challenged me metabolically.

A recent article by Alwyn Cosgrove on T-nation backs this up in citations of numerous studies that show that resistance training lead to more significant fat loss than cardio. In fact, many of the studies show that cardio was pretty negligible in the weight loss. My experiences are in line with the studies and the heirarchy Cosgrove recommends at the end of the article – weight train first and then add in cardio. If nothing else, difference in my back and the documented the 18 inches of fat that have been removed from my body should be proof that lifting and lifting heavy works!

However to see the success, in like anything I’ve done, it takes consistency in the activities and time to see results. Commit to training 3 time a week with a routine that emphasizes compound movements. Don’t give up 14, 30, 60 or even 90 days after you start because your weight hasn’t changed. Because even though your weight hasn’t changed through resistance training, your body may have.

With resistance training, the scale is a not a measure of your success, instead get your tape measure and camera out. Measure the various parts. Take pictures of your front, sides, and back and keep doing that. You may be pleasantly surprised at the changes you see after a few weeks of consistent activity.

The best thing about weight training is that each little success you have as you reach a goal carries into so many other areas of life. I walk differently now, not only because there is less of me, but because the strength I feel on the inside manifests itself in how I hold my body. I’m braver than I used to be and more willing to open myself to new experiences. I’m more willing to get rid of the things and situations in my life that no longer work for me so that I can do the things I want to do.

Strength training for me has been the foundation of better things for my life.


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