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The Idea of Cheat Meals

Posted on: April 29, 2007

Okay it’s time for a daily dose and in this case, it’s a dose of reality – I’m going to rant a bit here.

There are several threads going on in the Diet & Nutrition Section of the fitness board I hang out on about Cheat Meals and how people feel that they “deserve” to be freer with their diet after they have worked so hard all week. Food is NOT something you deserve – its purpose in life should be to sustain your body so you can perform the activities you need to perform at work and to stay fit and healthy.

I was really worried about how I was going to get through Saturday. But I made a plan and I stuck to it. I planned my meals in around not only the concert Saturday night, but also my workout Saturday afternoon. I made sure I had calories left for the day so I could “splurge” if I wanted, but I also knew I had to make smart choices. I could have chosen the chili cheese nachos loaded with sour cream that had who knows how many calories and fat grams. Instead I went with an all beef hotdog with onions, pickle relish, mustard and ketchup. and after the show I could have had onion rings or french fries with my grilled chicken sandwich. Instead I ordered a la carte, swapped out the mayo on the sandwich for mustard, and had water with my sandwich. Honestly, I was really surprised Sunday morning when I logged everything into fitday and found out I came in short 300 calories for the day on Saturday.

Sportsgirl and Bunklers both inspire me. Sportgirl shows me that with a little bit of planning I can work just about anything into my diet and still reach my fitness goals as long as its within my macros for the day. Unfortunately, unlike Sportsgirl, I can’t have beer in my diet because it bloats me like there is no tomorrow, but still its nice to know that the “fun” foods can still be worked into the grand scheme of things with a bit of planning. Bunklers dedication to her program shows me that you can’t make excuses if you want results. You have a choice to stay on your food plan and to exercise. You can eat out and make good choices – even at McDonalds and Whataburger or the local ball park.

I don’t want to be where my mom is now – on dialysis, unable to truly enjoy her family and grandchildren. She made choices when she found out she was diabetic not to follow a strict eating plan or exercise – the excuses were numerous. But the consequence of those choices have affected her quality of life. My choice is to be healthy.


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