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Back Rehab Workout

Posted on: May 2, 2007

Pay attention to your backs! I didn’t after a noticing that my right hip was feeling a little loosey goosey and ended up walking funny for most of the weekend. Not fun, especially when your boyfriend decides that it would be fun to laugh at you as you are trying to get out of bed and are moving like an old lady.
Leg Extension – Replace Squats
Incline Barbell Press – Keep
Dumbbell one arm row – Try Face Down on the bench
Stiff-Legged BB Deadlift – Leg Curls
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Do seated
Dumbbell Curl – Concentration Curls

Followed by 20 minute yoga session to stretch out (I have good results with yoga. I had chronic hip pain early last year and when I started doing yoga on a regular basis, it went away)

Yoga – 40 minute session

Step ups
Two arm row – Will have to check to see if my bench is tall enough but am going to do
Dumbell Lying Row (…BLyingRow.html)
Split Squat – BW Only and only if it doesn’t bother the back
Incline DB Fly
Overhead Dumbbell extension

Yoga – 40 minute session

Lunges – BW Only and only if it doesn’t bother the back
Lying Leg curl
Bent over lateral raises on incline bench
Calf raises

Yoga – 40 minute session


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