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Jello Fat

Posted on: May 2, 2007

Back at the beginning of April, I noticed my lower abdomen had become a bit more jiggly after a month of working out. My friend, the Fitness Diva, put forth an interesting, but purely unscientific theory that I’d like to share – Jello Fat.

The Diva’s theory goes something like this:

If a person has been overweight for a significant amount of time, the fat solidifies or “hardens”. When you start working out and eating clean, you rev up the metabolic furnace and the fat begins to melt. So your fat goes from fairly solid state (think Jell-o that has been refrigerated) to semi-solid (Jell-o left out on the counter for a couple hours) to liquid (Jell-o completely melted). The in-between stage is the tough one to get through because when the Jell-o (a.k.a. fat) is semi-solid is when it looks the absolute worst.

The Diva’s theory is probably one of the best I’ve heard and aptly describes this middle state. since I’m in the Jello stage right now. Things that were once much more “solid” fat are now more more likely to jiggle and things are moving around to fill in where I’ve lost fat first. The second part of this is probably the most annoying and frustrating to me because although I am losing inches and now have much more of a waist, I still haven’t gotten out of my size 22s.

The Diva also has this to say:

I also theorize that it’s why some people have a hard time getting things moving on a fat-loss journey… it takes a while to get that first stage moving where the Jell-o starts to melt. Once it actually starts though…. it can really go like gangbusters if you keep at it. That’s been my experience anyway… you get to a point where you hit a “sweet spot” and it seems like nothing and no one can stop you.

I want this spot. But it sure is taking a while to get there.


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