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March 2007 Workout

Posted on: May 17, 2007

This is the workout I started lifting regularly with. The first couple of weeks I did 3×10 on everything. Then on some of the moves I moved to 4×6 and lifting heavy.

March Workout Used from March 6, 2007 thru March 26, 2007
(swiped from the Bodysculpting Bible for women and modified with some help from my friends)
Dumbbell Squats (3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Incline Dumbbell Press(3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Dumbbell one arm row (3×10)
Stiff-Legged BB Deadlift(3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3×10)
Overhead Dumbbell extension (3×10)
Standing Calf Raises (3×10 then removed from the program)
Dumbbell Curl (3×10 2 wks, 4×6)

Leg Raises- 3×10
Crunches- 3×10
30 minutes – Stairmaster – Ditched because honestly I hate cardio and you don’t have to do it lift heavy.

Dumbbell Squat (3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Upright Row (3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Dumbbell Lunge (3×10)
Tricep Kickback (3×10)
Leg extension (3×10)
Lying Leg curl (3×10)
Standing Calf Raises (3×10 -deleted after week 2)

DB Lunge (3×10)
Two arm row (3×10)
Ballet Squat (3×10)
Incline DB Fly (3×10)
Standing Calf Raises (3×10)
Lying DB Extension (3×10)
Hammer Curl (3×10 2 wks, 4×6)
Bent over lateral raises on incline bench (3×10)


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