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Food Labels

Posted on: July 5, 2007

I dislike the idea of labeling food as “good”, “bad”, “clean”, “unclean” and “comfort”. Overall there is nothing inherently good or bad about a food – it has no morals how can food be good or bad? There is nothing “clean” or “unclean” about food – your body doesn’t distinguish between the nutrients it gets from a mcdonald’s hamburger and a baked chicken breast with broccoli. And food isn’t something that is supposed to comfort – comfort is something that you get from another human being.

I think by labelling foods in this manner we end up not taking responsibility for the choices for our food choices that we make. In the past, I’ve choosen to overeat, not use portion control, and eat overly processed foods. These are not the choices I generally make now. I’m getting to the point where I don’t even like the word “cheat” in relationship to food, because most of the time, if you really want something, you can fit into your macros for the day with a little pre-planning. You might have to move some things around, but generally it can be done. I did it the night I went to the Jimmy Buffett Concert with my friend Lisa.

Is it easy to do this? Nope not by a long shot. Am I always successful at it? Nope. I haven’t met a Skinny Cow Mint Cone or Mint Ice Cream Sandwich I didn’t like – I choose to keep those items out of my house. Do I feel guilty about when I do mess up? I try not to. Why beat myself up over something as unimportant as food? There are more important things to be concerned about other than being 100 calories over my macros.


2 Responses to "Food Labels"

I couldn’t remember m log in FOREVER to leave you comments… just letting you know I am here and alive and busy as hell. I am glad you seem to be doing well!!!!

I don’t label food as good or bad, because that’s bs. I do consider food clean or unclean, but it’s just a simple way for me to sort food that I am willing to eat bunches or small amounts of. Comfort foods? I’ve never been an emotional eater, food hasn’t ever really reminded me of something or brought me to a “good place” other than “no longer hungry.”

I find it irritating, though, when people do call food good and bad. Or when they reward themselves for a job well done with a sundae. Or when they post “please flog me” comments when they have a “cheat” day. sigh.

I think it’s the culture. An idea that has somehow seeped through. Going from one extreme of not caring what and how much you eat… to OMG I HAD A POTATO CHIP, WHIP ME…. The focus shouldn’t be on food. Sure, you can eat good food (good as in tasty and something you enjoy), you can savor your food, you can enjoy your food. But the constant obsession is weird…

eh, I’ve long forgotten my point by now…

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