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Why watch Soap Operas When I have this kind of stuff going on???

Posted on: August 3, 2007

Got home last night. No Power. I paid my bill. Even called them the day I paid it. Try calling the power company to see what the heck was going on. The offices were closed. At this point, I have a breakdown because I am stressed out, tired and hungry. Call my boss in tears and ask if I can have today off if I need it. He says Yes (I do love my current managers).

So I’m trying to pack last night in the twilight. Think I have everything Simba needs to survive at Bobs. Start hauling stuff down the car. End up misplacing my phone. Shoved the cat in the carrier and put him in the trunk. Talk about an unhappy kitty!!! MEEEEEEOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!! You would have thought I was killing the cat the way he was caterwauling.

Stop at HEB since I can’t find my copy of the Electric Company receipt. Luckily Business Center Dude was there and we were able track receipt down so I could use it this morning. At one point ran out to the car and checked my laptop to find out the day I did the withdrawl from the bank to make the Payment. Realize Simba has peed in the carrier. Now I have a wet and unhappy cat but at least he’s quiet!

Get to Bob’s and I am stressed to the max. Start hauling stuff into Bob’s house. Bob puts pee-sodden cat in bathroom and helps me bring in the rest of my stuff. We use his phone to see if I can find mine (this is when we find it in the bottom of the computer bag). Then I repack my computer bag to make sure I have all the cords I need. Look at Bob and tell him I need food as I still haven’t eaten dinner. I was going to run to Whataburger and get a sandwich. Bob offered to do it for me if I would wash the cat. He points me to the kitchen where he’s put together a Screw Driver for me. YEAHHHH Alcohol.

I’m like “okay whatever” because at this point I just want some food and get some sleep. So I start stripping since I know bathing a cat is going to be a mess anyway and he starts laughing cuz he can’t figure out why I’m getting undressed to bathe the cat. Tell him I don’t want my clothes to stink like cat urine. So he takes off to get me a Whataburger Junior and I go deal with the cat.

Simba is pretty complacent when I stick in him the sink and start rinsing off the pee. Didn’t really struggle at all as I was pouring water onto his belly and legs. Do an okay job at getting it off him. Then I rinse out the cat carrier in the shower. Dry Simba off a little bit and leave him in the bathroom while I set up the litter box and get the cat some food and water. Go back into the bathroom to pay attention to the cat for a while. About this time Bob comes in with food. I look down and realize my chest is covered in cat hair.

Bob says the cat still stinks so this time I wash the cat with coconut shampoo (yes I bathed my cat TWICE last night). He wasn’t quite so complacent this time. Didn’t get any scratches or anything, but he did struggle a bit and meow at me, but mostly he was a good kitty. Once I get the cat rinsed and the carrier out of the shower I take a shower myself. And finally sit down and eat my sandwich in the bedroom. Bob sits the living room and I think is a little bit afraid of me at this point. He’s drawing something. He comes in and gives me a “little introduction letter” for mom. It’s the drawing he was working on.

He said it was a joke, I tell him Mom will dig it and ask for an envelope to carry it in. You’ll see it when we see mom. Cat is Meowing LOUDLY in the bathroom. Bob tells him to use the litter box and then he can come out. I finish my sandwich and get ready for bed because I’m pooped. Go into the bathroom and discover the cat has followed Bob’s instructions. He can gain kitty freedom!

Cat does not want to come out once I open the door. And when he does come out, everything makes him skittish and he runs back towards the bathroom. He’s okay as long as I am with him. He starts exploring the bedroom a little. We go to bed.

Wake up this morning and can’t turn my mind off. Lay in bed and the cat wants attention. Comes to my side of the bed and lets me scritch his head. Goes to bob’s side of the bed thinking he might get more attention if he comes up that way – cat discovers that Bob is in the way and he can’t quite figure out how to get around Bob to get to MOM. Then he gets up on the night stand on before dropping with a loud thunk to the floor. We go through this a couple times and it’s finally time to get up. Cat takes off, Bob and I shower and I make sure I got everything.

Get dressed, everything is ready and the cat has disappeared. No clue as to where he went. So Bob and I wander around looking for him. I open the cupboard under the kitchen sink and find him there. Simba’s smart. He does that all the time at home. Told Bob under the cupboards is one of his favorite hidey holes at my place but that usually I can hear him go under. We load the car and off we go to the bus stop.

Get to work, let my boss know that I did make it in, and called the power company. Explained what was going on and the girl looks up my information. Everything shows that I made a payment on the 24th, but they didn’t credit my account for some reason. I Had to fax a copy of the receipt over to them this morning so they can do some research. BUT they are reconnecting me and the power should be back on soon.

I am soooo gonna need a vacation from my vacation


2 Responses to "Why watch Soap Operas When I have this kind of stuff going on???"

Yikes! What a pain in the arse. The vet school was pestering me cuz I hadn’t mailed in my monthly payment on Bubba’s bill–it was conveniently stashed somewhere I never look. Now they have their money and all is good. Grrrrr!

We’re debating on whether we should attempt to bathe Sir Frodo–he’s taken to hopping in the tub while it’s draining and doesn’t seem to mind the water. Little goofball. :-). He’s also fascinated with the commode–loves to watch it flush. Maybe we can train him to use that too… hmmm…

wow…. sounds awful!!!!

I stopped by to see how things are and I see that… well… they aren’t so great: )

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