House of Paula

Day 125

Posted on: August 30, 2007

Things are coming together.

1. I’ve added some content to my blog/web site.

2. I have exercised a little bit each week.

3. I’ve worked on my budget for this next month.

4. I’ve started Apartment hunting for a cheaper place.

5. I’ve added a few things to my Cafepress store and have ideas for more things to come.

6. I’ve started sorting and pitching stuff. This will be going on until the bitter end me thinks (or at least until I move).

7. My sister has agreed to be my accountability partner for the debt reduction plan.

8. I’ve been a blessing to my boyfriend while he deals with the hospital stuff.

9. I’m working on thinking more abundantly and following my instincts.

10. I’m praying much more regularly and reading my Bible more often than I have been of late. It’s not daily but it’s definitely a start.


1 Response to "Day 125"


Just a heads up your CaffeePress link isnt working in this post;)

Seems like you are really on top of things. I only wish I could find this motivation

Katie Lauren

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