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Rant #1 Excuses are Like Noses – Everyone’s Got One

Posted on: September 15, 2007

On one of the fitness boards I am on, I saw the following statement:

The VAST MAJORITY of people in this country cannot motivate themselves properly (and I am one of them) nor do they know where to start or our obesity rate would not be alarmingly high and growing.

This sentence set off my BULLSHIT Meter, not just a little, but a lot. In fact it pegged off the board. I would say the VAST MAJORITY of people DO know where they need to start, they just choose not to do it and continue to make excuses as to why they are overweight/not following their diet.

When they do decide they want go the diet and exercise route, they want an easy button to make the journey easier. Sorry folks, but you can’t magically the pounds you pack on disappear. It took months, maybe even years for that to happen. And it can a while to get it off, but I’d rather take it off through diet and exercise (and yes this does work if you are consistent on the diet and exercise and realize it’s a LIFETIME thing and not just something you do for a few months and then go back to your old ways.

Every day you and I have to make choices regarding what we put in our mouths, what we do for exercise, and what we do for other activities. For a long time I did what I wanted to do despite knowing what I needed to do and making lots of excuses to the contrary. I paid the price by being morbidly obese. I chose to get off my rear and move last year, I chose to start eating better. I chose to start taking better care of myself.

And this is not an easy solution. As I’ve taken off fat off my body, I’ve revisted things I didn’t want to think about because I medicated them with food. Looking at the hard parts and why we medicated with food is not easy. It also means that I’ve had to stop whining about the following:

  1. I’ll get bulky if I lift weights. NOPE not gonna happen especially if you are a woman. We don’t produce enough testosterone to “get bulky”. Muscle is leaner than fat and takes up less space. What may happen is that you swap the same weight in muscle for fat, so you end up looking leaner even though your weight doesn’t change all that much. This happened to me and it took bit to get used to, but the pictures I took show a clearly leaner Paula who didn’t weigh much less than she did before.
  2. The models on the covers of magazines not being like you or me (overweight/pudgy). I don’t think some of them are healthy, but bitching about how they don’t look like you is an excuse.
  3. Bitching that my medical condition makes it harder for me to lose weight. What made it harder for me to lose weight is when I choose to shovel food in my mouth and not exercise.
  4. Exercise is too much work. Yes it’s a lot of work, but its part of the toolbox you need to get healthy and fit.
  5. I could never do that, I’m just not coordinated enough. That used to be one of my biggie excuses – I’m not coordinated enough, I’ll fall on my ass if I do that. You know, it’s pretty bitchin’ to master something you didn’t think you could do. And it makes you feel strong and powerful. Bulgarian Split Squat with an Overhead Press anyone?
  6. It costs too much to join a gym/buy exercise equipment. In comparison to what???? My mother is spending a small fortune on medical bills to stay alive because she didn’t take care of herself even after she was told by the doctors she needed to lose weight and get her food under control. She made all kinds of excuses as to why she couldn’t workout and lose the weight she needed to. I am not going to end up on dialysis because I choose NOT to take care of myself. It’s just not going to happen. I’ve seen what living like that is like and it’s not fun and she can’t enjoy her life.

    Exercise DVD’s can be had for under $15 – $20 at the most. Jump Ropes can be found at the local sporting goods store for under $10. Resistance bands for Under $15. And if you look on Craigslist, you would be surprised in what you can pick up in the way of exercise equipment on the cheap. I think I spent around $500-$600 over a period of several months to get everything I have in my apartment. And after what I’ve learned in the past few months, I could even do it more cheaply because Bodyweight is great for resistance exercise.


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