House of Paula

Day 92 – Going to HELL and other things

Posted on: October 1, 2007

There’s 91 days left in this year…. 91. And I’m spending 83 of them in HELL. HELL is a program that Leigh Peele devised. And let me say…. my ass was definitely in HELL the past two days. But if you really want to know more about my HELLish journey go here.

It’s been just over a month since I started my new job. I like it so far. A couple weeks ago, I went to Colorado Springs for a Department meeting and I got to see a couple of my friends. John I’ve known since college and he’s always been good friend to me. He’s listened to me and taken me for really fast motorcycle rides when I needed to escape. He was also the friend who ran with me when I ran my first full mile ooooh so many years ago. He’s good people and the world could definitely use more good people.

Cecillia was the other person I saw while I was out there. I know her from when I worked at the refinery on the ship channel documenting software. Her hubby is part owner of the company I was working for at the time. We went to a really good Italian place and I had mozzarella and tomato salad. It was delish.

Right now I should be packing for the move but I’m not. I’m getting ready to move from one side of Clear Lake to the other. I’m looking forward to the move. The area is fantastic and I’ll be really close to the water. Not to mention I’ll be in a residential neighborhood and will safe riding my bike around. I’m also looking forward to spending $150 less than I would be spending if I stayed here.

It’s time to purge and let things go that no longer work or are no longer needed.


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