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Day Something or Ruther…. it’s become one big blur

Posted on: October 9, 2007

Sorry for the massive switching of template over the last few days. I’ve been looking for something new and something that works. The two requirements for the template are 1) it has to allow me to access the admin section from the front page and 2) it has to support subpages. So I’ll load something to get a closer look at it, think it looks good and then after a bit, find out it doesn’t support everything like I thought so I have to hunt some more.

I guess one thing I could do is learn how to design one of these myself. Then I could do something cool, call it my own, and get what I want…..

Or maybe not.

I’ve been out of exercise commission for the last week. I did something to my knee and wanted to make sure it’s healed (it appears to have). But tomorrow I plan to get back on the stick.


1 Response to "Day Something or Ruther…. it’s become one big blur"


Sometimes it takes me weeks to remember my password to post on this site!!!! I always try like 15 things and then give up, and then try again another day. I like the new look! Just letting you know I still check in. You will forever be my first blog “friend” and my first comment ever:)


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