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Day 35 – Just over a month left

Posted on: November 26, 2007

The last two months have been busy. I’ve been transitioning into my new job, and I’ve been getting ready to move and then doing the deed. Mom was in the hospital briefly with a bleeding ulcer and I had a vacation which was spent cleaning up the old apartment so they didn’t assess me a crapload of fees and then getting the new place in order and doing lots and lots of puttering about. I also told my last web client good-bye. I’ve also begun writing my first book.

The 140 Day Challenge I gave myself has been about clearing the decks so I can move onto the things that I want to do starting in 2008. I’ve made huge strides in getting where I need to be, but there is still more work to be done before the end of the year so that I have a strong foundation for the beginning of the year.

You’ll be seeing some changes on this site after the beginning of year. I never intended this site to be a personal blog. It is supposed to be about not being static in your everyday life. This blog will be moved over to a wordpress blog and I’ll be starting from scratch here. I’ll also be working on other writing projects, and continuing my quest to become more healthy.

I’m not sure where this all is going to lead me to, but if the dreams I’ve been having in the past week are any indication (well at least according to the web site) there are good things coming my way and there are reserves within myself that I didn’t even know existed that are hidden just below the surface and waiting to come forth!


3 Responses to "Day 35 – Just over a month left"

Glad to see you back…I clicked on the picklebump site to see if you were and found my way here. I already had an account but just haven’t gotten started blogging.My other blog is long abandoned due to not being able to stand the stupidity of the other site members! 🙂

You change websites faster than Brittany Spears changes hair styles!!!!

Just means I didn’t think things out too well Miss Katie. Oh good this means you are back. HOpefully out posted details about Italy!

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