House of Paula

140 Days Concludes and the Year of Paula Begins

Posted on: January 3, 2008

The 140 day Challenge I started on my sister’s birthday concluded on December 31. Part of the 140 days preparation was clearing the decks so I could focus on the things that I wanted to pursuit rather than the things people think I should be doing for them. The two big focuses were decluttering again, getting my living expenses down and letting my last freelance client go. I’ve really made an effort since I moved into my new place not to let the clutter get ahead of me.

Overall results from the 140 day challenge:

I’m pretty pleased with where I ended up.

I found a cheaper place to live.

I decluttered my living space (although I could stand to do some more) and I’m keeping ahead of the ball game for the most part.

I got some more debt taken care of.

I ended a relationship that just needed to be let go.

And I closed my freelance web business because it just didn’t bring me joy any more.

Things with R are stronger than ever.

I got to have two 1 weeks vacations within a month of each other (YEAH FOR FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT with benefits!) 

 There’s a lot I want to accomplish 2008 and it’s going to require some dedication and focus on my part.

1. Writing regularly for I want to help people to get past being afraid of reaching for their dreams and consciously work them. The world needs more people who act on their dreams.

2. Pay off a good chunk of debt and be more responsible with my money. I’ve been going a little crazy since I became full time employee and it’s time to get back on track and put things in order. First up is the budget of course.

3. Working out regularly and reach my goal of 170 by the end of the year. My reward for this is to get a full length, off-the-shoulder blue velvet dress to wear to the symphony performance that my friend Susan and I attended in December. This means I need to be disciplined and eat properly (something I haven’t been doing very well in the past few months). I will be starting Lou Schuler’s New Rules of Lifting for Women on Jan 7th and participating in a 3 month Women’s Fitness Challenge on

4. Take more pictures. Everyone seems to think I have a good eye and I actually sold my first photograph this past year.

I want to be reminded constantly of what I am striving for!


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