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Posted on: January 7, 2008

After 10 days off, I went back to work on Jan 2nd. It’s nice to have available time off if I want to take a few days. That’s one thing I love about no longer being a contractor. I have benefits at the Major Gas Corp Baby.

R. and I made our first major purchase together – we pooled our money and got an elliptical. It resides at my residence for the moment since I have more room. While it sucks to have an ellpictical in the bedroom, it does have the added benefit of him coming over and using it, so I’m not doing as much driving.

I ended up coming down with a minor something last week. I felt it coming on thursday and ended up crashing here at home Friday. Zicam rocks and I honestly believe that everyone who is sick or feels like they are coming down with something should just take the damn day. I think we’d be a much healthier nation if we did so.

Tomorrow, I start a fitness challenge. If you really want to read the gory details, go here (yes I have multiple blogs and web sites did you really expect anything less????).   


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