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Hovering over Houston in a Helicopter

Posted on: April 14, 2008

In my non-blogging life, I work for a major natural gas company here in the US. I’ve gotten to do and see some pretty cool stuff as part of my job but today was by far the coolest – I got to hover over Houston in a heliocopter. Actually I was tagging along on an aerial patrol since part of my job is supporting the aerial patrol application used in the field to report possible encroachments due to construction (we saw one dude augering out post holes for a fence right over the pipeline this afternoon!) and natural causes such as erosion due to flooding.

I took the Nikon D80 with me to document the journey so to speak so without further ado.

Me in the Front Passenger Seat of the Heliocopter


The Big Interchange – IH-45N, Beltway 8 North with the Houston Skyline in the Background


This is part of the Pipeline Site I toured last week.


Me the in back seat


Our Ride for the Day


Aiming for Heliopad 1


Compressor Station


The Compressors in this building are in the process of being decommissioned. They are 1940’s era technology and while the compressors in this entire building put out 12000 lbs of pressure into the pipeline, there are two smaller buildings with 4 compressors that can output just as much gas.



Sand Pits and Water

Banking back over a right of way to get a picture of an encroachment (in this case there’s a foundation that’s being poured at the edge of the right of way)



Hwy 59 near Cleveland Texas


High Tension Wire Right of Way


Smart Pig Launchers and Recievers on the Mainlines of the Right of Way we Surveyed


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