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Sitting at the airport….

Posted on: August 15, 2008

Up at 5 AM (the alarms started going off at 4:30) and I’ve spent the day in airports. I left Houston at 8:20 this morning, spent a little time in Phoenix Sky Harbor while I waited for my connection into Sacramento (all I can say about Sky Harbor is who’s idea was it NOT to put ATMs where people can access them when they are travelling) and I’m sitting in the Sacramento Airport, highly caffinated and waiting on my family.

We’re gathering at my sister’s place and going to memoralize my brother who passed away a week ago yesterday. It’s very weird when a sibling dies. You always expect your parents and grandparents to go first. I hope this weekend is a lot like what happened when my dad died. I hope we sit around, tell stories and remember my bro, the way we remembered my dad – with lots of laughter.

The last week has been a little wierd. I’ve worked from home almost all of it. It was too hard to work at the office, work on stuff and try to arrange everything that I needed to get done. Fortunately, I work for a company that gives me a lot of flexibility. So I would do what I needed to, when I needed to do it and still get stuff done for my boss and co-workers.

And so I wait and browse the internet and kill time.


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