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Posted on: October 19, 2008

I’ve been in a foul, foul mood this weekend. Even R has noticed. It started last night with the frustration of trying to find a decent pair of cross-trainers since my other pair pretty much have been relagated to the SchoolHouse Rock (Special 30th Anniversary Edition)lawn chores after getting wet during Ike. The foul mood continued today as I continued to look for cross-trainers. To say I’ve been a witch with a B is an understatement for the last 24 hours.

Between stops at Academy and Sports Authority, R and I stopped in at Fry’s. While there, I found the Election Edition of Schoolhouse Rock. So I went in search of the Schoolhouse Rock! (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) that has all 46 Schoolhouse Rock Videos and they had it! And R was so nice, he bought it for me because he wanted to see me smile. The DVD will go nicely with the Schoolhouse Rock Magnets that are hanging on my fridge.

And I did find a pair of Avia A192 White/Pink Cross-Trainers that I was satified with at Sports Authority. I just want to know why they have all these fun, funky colors in running shoes but not cross-trainers?? Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong places.


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