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A Simple Thread

Posted on: January 1, 2009

This afternoon, I spent some time with my friend Susan checking out her new digs and just catching up. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen her and it was good to just sit around and chat with a girl friend (don’t get me wrong, I love talking with R. but there are some things a guy just doesn’t get).

In between discussions about crazy relatives, a trip to Iowa for me, and a Christmas vacation for Susan with her daughter Jenn and her hubby Brian, Susan told me about a new charity she’s involved in: A Simple Thread.

A Simple Thread was created by Susan’s friend Jac, who was reading a John Grisham Novel called The Street Lawyer. In it, a homeless man holds a law firm hostage and asks them “what have you done for me??” The lawyers talk about the pro bono work and other things, but the homeless man stops them and says ‘No what have you done for ME??” This question made Jac stop and think about the simple threads that bind us together and A Simple Thread was born.

A Simple Thread puts together little kits for the homeless people in the Houston Area. These kits are distributed to homeless folks around the area and vary in content. There are kits for kids, kits for rainy times, kits for clean teeth, and kits for clean clothes. Each kits is small enough that the person recieving it can easily carry it with them.

The idea of this organization is just sooo cool and it’s something I’m going to put my money behind because it helps someone right were they are at.


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