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Paula and the Very Angry Finger

Posted on: January 14, 2009

You never know how much you use one of your fingers to do something until it decided to get angry at you and punish you by becoming infected. Then you spend a lot of time babying the thing and cursing everytime you hit it on something or have it use it to do something like buttoning up your pants.

Evidently I did something to my left ring finger that irritated the crap out of it. Monday I woke up and it was a bit sore on the side, but I didn’t see anything wrong – no telltale signs of injury. This morning I woke up and my finger was killing me and it’s been getting steadily worse throughout the day. The corker came while I was sitting in my group meeting and I realized my finger was warm to the touch. It was off to Health Services for me.

Their diagnosis: I have an infection and I need to see a doctor. Luckily I have PPO so I can see pretty much whomever I want. I got worked into a doctor’s office in the tunnels and she gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I’m glad she decided to go the antibiotic route before cutting my finger open.

I’m really hoping this resolves itself in the next few days and I don’t have to have minor surgery to get this thing lanced. In the mean time, I’m totally babying my finger. It hurts to do anything.


2 Responses to "Paula and the Very Angry Finger"

I swear this title made me think you were going to be giving someone the finger:)


naw… I try not to do that. Its not very nice.

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