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Playing Scrabble Backwards

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Saturday I ended up playing a game of Scrabble backwards. It didn’t start at as a backwards scrabble game, but it ended up that way because of R.’s process-oriented thinking.

You see. I had this update planned for Pig’s Site of Pig playing scrabble with his family. I had a list of words that I wanted to use, and I’d pretty muched figured out the scrabble layout to use those words. Then I came up with a couple more words that I couldn’t work in. R took my word list, alphabetized it, and then started laying out the words in a grid. Once he got the grid working, he laid it out on the scrabble board. We got all the words on the board and then the backwards scrabble game commenced.

Here’s the final board that we used.
The starting point

The hard part of playing scrabble backwards is figuring out the order in which the words come off the board. A couple times I had to back up and replace words. I either took them off and left a part of the scrabble grid disconnected from the rest of the grid or it was just the wrong order so I had to back up and rethink what I needed to take off.

All in all I was pretty happy with the results and you can see the “game” here.


3 Responses to "Playing Scrabble Backwards"

I cant believe you wrote an entire blog about scrabble. How many cats do you have?


I think you mean how many pigs do I have. The answer is 10 or 11 depending if my boyfriend’s Pig E. Bank is coming into play.

The blog in question is not just about playing Scrabble. Pig has also traveled Route 66 in Oklahoma, been to Iowa, and traveled with me to work. Although we may need to take pig to work again, since I changed floors and am now in a Cube Farm again.

If you are asking yourself why I did it. The question is why not? You never know what will happen when you try something and I have a lot of fun playing with Pig.

PS For the Record I have one cat – Simba

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