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The Talkshow Trifecta

Posted on: January 19, 2009

Thank to the holiday honoring Dr. King, I didn’t have to work today. So I got to indulge and spent the day watching TV, doing stuff around the house, and running a couple of errands. My TV watching consisted of the Talkshow Trifecta – Martha, Ellen and Oprah.

The morning started at 8 AM when the cat hopped on my chest and woke me up in time for Martha. You know there was a time in my life that I didn’t care for Martha, but I find her much more normal since she spent some time in the pokey (which means if I’m ever rich and famous I will never be on her show because I talk about it). Watching Martha trying to extract her cat from the carrier was hilarious (kitty did not want to come out!) and I couldn’t figure out why she just didn’t take the top off the carrier and lift the cat out that way (that’s how my vet always does it). I found it interesting that she mentioned adoption from shelters yet all of the animals she mentioned were bred cats.

I must be hiding under a rock because I didn’t know that Martha had launched Body + Soul Magazine (apparently two years ago). But it sounded intriguing enough that I went out and bought a copy and I also subscribed.  I’ll let you know what I think.

The thing I liked most about today’s Martha was that she had some really great healthful recipes and it gave me a reason to dig into my Everyday Food magazine that I bought a week or so again since the recipes she featured were in the magazine. I made the Bulgar wheat recipe this evening and am planning on making the soba noodle recipe tomorrow or the day after. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

I did some other stuff and then, at noon, Ellen came on. Evidently she’s been on a George Clooney watch for the last year and has pulled all kinds of crazy stunts to get him on the show. Today was the day. I happen to think Clooney is a hunk, and after staring at him for a while this afternoon and previous staring at pictures of R, I’ve decided that I actually have a “man type”. My type of man is tall (Clooney is 5’11” and R is 6’4″), dark hair with a bit of a grey at the temples, olive skin and nice, broad shoulders. I missed on Ellen, but saw him on Oprah.

Oprah comes on at 4 in the Houston Metroplex and I rarely get to see her show when it’s on because generally I’m either working or on the way from work. I have to agree with LO that this show was just not that good. I don’t know who’s idea the Song by David Foster and was (I think LO said Oprah’s) but it wasn’t awe inspiring. I did think the Obama montage they had behind it was good but I’m not planning on downloading the free song from itunes. I also thought it interesting that of the 6 people involved in the project – David Foster,, Seal, Faith Hill, Bono, and Mary J. Blige – two of them are not American (Seal and Bono).

I think the best part of the whole broadcast today was when Joe and Jill Biden were on and Jill let it slip that Joe, our next VP, had to choose between Secretary of State or VP. That little slip probably has Hillary’s knickers in a knot. Although Biden blushed, which I thought was kind of cool and showed some humility.

The rest of the show was pretty lame. Ashton and Demi discussing when they met Obama and the call to service pledge they want everyone to partake in. Personally, I think that how people provide service for others should be a private matter and not splashed around unless you choose to disclose it. Justin Timberlake’s little speech was lame. But I did like piece that Usher did from the school with the help of MTV and Target.

All in all the Talkshow Trifecta was kind of fun and I got to indulge in a guilty pleasure on my day off.


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