House of Paula

Movement is Happening

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Could it be that my little talk with R yesterday is moving both of us in the right direction??? Apparently, we both need movement in our lives.

He’s going through and getting things picked up and cleaned up and so am I. He told me tonight he’s got stuff that’s ready for Goodwill. And I’ve been working around here as well. The exercise area will be picked up enough here in a few that I will safely be able squat and do deadlifts without worry about tripping over something or dropping something heavy on my foot. I even vacuumed all the confetti that came from emptying out the shredding machine last week and worked on my bathroom cupboard a bit.

Note to self: You have more than enough feminine hygiene products to get you through the next couple months. You do not need to buy any more in the near future.

Tomorrow I am working from home, so in between support calls and working on sections of the manual I’m updating, I’ll be doing little bits of cleaning here and there along with the ever important laundry. I might even get the opportunity to get the 70×7 blog to the point where I feel comfortable enough to release it to the world.

All in all I think he feels better and so do I.


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