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Good God, I think I Found my Voice

Posted on: February 5, 2009

Any of you who write know that any given writer has a particular “voice” that makes them unique. You can imitate a voice but you can’t ever quite get it the same. It’s like when an impersonator does a celebrity voice. It sounds close, but you can tell it’s not the real person speaking.

I’ve struggled with my voice a lot. But it is emerging. The more I write, the more I hear it. The more I see it. The more I believe in it. Maybe it’s the difference between thinking about writing and being afraid to write because I think noone gives a rat’s patootie about what I have to say and actually putting fingers to keyboard and putting myself out there. Maybe it’s just focusing my energy on it and just saying what’s on my mind. Maybe it’s just the time where everything is coming together and I finally believe that I’m able to express myself without being “just a technical writer” day in and day out.

Whatever it is, I’m glad my voice had finally shown up.


2 Responses to "Good God, I think I Found my Voice"

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Paula… you are silly! You’ve always had a voice and thats why I always come here. Would I be here if you didn’t have interesting things to say, and a good way of saying them? Are you accusing me of having no taste?: )

I do know what you mean though it was a crazy day for me when I realized my voice showed up!

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