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A Rant Directed at Hallmark and American Greetings

Posted on: February 14, 2009

Dear Greeting Card Companies:

I want to thank you NOT for the tears I experienced today while on the search for a card for my boyfriend. If I were engaged or married to R, I could have found a card that fit our relationship. It would have been suitable. But NO. No cards for my boyfriend and from what I could see, not a really decent selection for him to pick to give to me. There was a card that was more appropriate for him to give me from my cat than there was for two people who have been been together for three years in a committed relationship.

So thank you very much for making me feel like a total loser on Valentine’s Day and making my boyfriend feel like total crap because I cried.

And y’all wonder why people HATE Valentine’s Day???


2 Responses to "A Rant Directed at Hallmark and American Greetings"

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I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. For much of my life I have been in committed relationships. I always thought there should be a word even between boyfriend and fiance. Boyfriend sometimes seems like something a twelve year old girl has. Or boyfriend is what you get when you stop dating other and agree to be exclusive. So how is it, like in your case you still have a “boyfriend” after three years? If I never again intend to get married would that make Tom my “boyfriend” for life? What about when I’m 80 is he still my “boyfriend”?

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