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Good Weekend So Far

Posted on: March 8, 2009

Dinner Friday night was a Ginger Steak Salad from The Pioneer Woman. OMG this is freaking delicious and spicy too! Definitely is going into my rotation on a regular basis.

Saturday was a laid back busy day. Laid back in that I didn’t have anywhere to go anywhere or have any place on the books that I had to be. Busy in that I spent a good chunk of this afternoon running errands. Went to Houston Garden Center and got 3 heirloom tomato plants – a Cherokee Purple, an Orange Oxheart, and an Old German. I also picked up several bell pepper plants – a big bertha, a valencia Orange, a golden bell, and I think a Whopper bell (which looks like it bears both red and green fruit). For my little containers that I’m going to put out front of the apartment, I picked up some sweet basil, some chives, a proliferating Rosemary, and some hens and chicks. I also picked up some bean and cucumber seeds, a fan head to put on the end of the hose, some organic fertilizer spikes for my plants.

After I got done at the garden place, I went over to Bob’s mom’s to drop off some of the stuff over there. I harvested some Romaine and a few more radishes put the fertilizer spikes in the ground, played with the dog a bit, and then watered the garden. I’ll go back over there tomorrow and clear the space for the plants I got today and thin out my scallions and weed. Then it was off to a couple hardware stores, wal-mart, and a couple of other places. I was pooped by the time I got back here so Bob took me out to Akimi.

I got pay back for having General Tso’s chicken at Akimi (Bob and I split the order). I ended up biting into a nicely disguised Dried Chili Pepper. I thought it was a Shrimp Tail at first and then I pulled it out of my mouth about the time my lips started burning. Then I promptly did it again }:) Bob was totally laughing at me.

Today I’m doing laundry and getting ready to shred newpaper before I go over to Bob’s Mom’s. This afternoon will be spent in the garden weeding and cleaning things up. I think I’m going to cut the rest of the lettuce so I have a little more room (I have more lettuce coming up in the other row). I also might expand the garden a bit so I can plant sweet corn, beans and cukes.


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