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Good vs. Evil

Posted on: March 10, 2009

I have my good side and I have my evil side – and right now they are at war thanks to my neighbor.

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for my neighbor. She set her keys on my car trunk this morning while she was doing something, and I drove off. The keys are nowhere to be found at this point.

The good side of me is feels sorry for her for losing her keys. The evil side of me wants to laugh because of the fact that she set her car keys on my car in the first place.


3 Responses to "Good vs. Evil"

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Leaving your keys on someone else’s car is weird. Did she have anything like say a POCKET, or even perhaps a PURSE, and if not any of those could she perhaps have put them on maybe HER OWN CAR?

I am confused

I know…I was really surprised when she asked me. If I remember correctly she was cleaning off her car and wearing a skirt at 6 AM (which makes it all the weirder). I don’t know why she just didn’t put them on her car or in her car.

I’m always highly cognizant of where I put my keys and I would never put them where I might lose them easily.

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