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A New Place for the Cat to Nap Upon

Posted on: March 26, 2009

This afternoon Rooms-To-Go delivered my new sofa. And if the picture below is any indication, Simba is very happy with the new sofa as it provides him a place to sleep and clean himself.


I got a sweet deal on the sofa and it’s not expensive enough that if Simba decided to claw, that I’ll feel guilty about it. Plus now R and I have a nice place to watch movies (once I get the living room rearranged appropriately).

The biggest reason I got the sofa is because I’m tired of having the TV in the bedroom and sitting on the bed to watch movies.


1 Response to "A New Place for the Cat to Nap Upon"

I love the couch! Very nice & Simba cracks me up! My furbaby, Alex, has taken to a papasan chair in the spare bedroom. It was going bye-bye when we get married but now it has to stay! lol

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