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Katie is Going to Hate Me for this Next Post

Posted on: April 4, 2009

Katie is going to hate what I’m about to say – I’m going to be moving this blog again soon.

There’s a good reason for this though – I’m in the process of learning more about WordPress and I want to integrate some of my individual blogs into blog with multiple areas of interest. OMSH has really stimulated my desire to learn more about this platform that I write on so that I can understand the technical side of it. If I can get my brain wrapped around Sharepoint, I can do this. I know the basics of good web design. Now it’s time to expand that knowledge with blog design.

There’s a couple of blogs – 70×7 Project and Pig E. Bank Adventures that won’t be integrated into the new site since they are more project driven than my other musings.

But I just wanted to let you know that this is in the works


2 Responses to "Katie is Going to Hate Me for this Next Post"

[…] Turns out that 16 bit processing of RAW files can mess everything up. Daily Writing – yes – “Katie is Going to Hate Me for this Next Post” And I got a sketch pad so I can start designing how I want to merge my existing blogs […]

HAhaha NOT AGAIN! No really I get it. I wish I had some time to start looking into changing mine. I am scared though because most of my stuff isnt backed up anywhere. But I agree that I would like to make it better than it is right now

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