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While it’s been fun having the blog on, I’ve decided that I’m taking this blog and several others that I maintain and merge them into one Big Blog at

The great thing is that I’m still using WordPress but will also have added flexibilty and control over the presentation of my writing and pictures.  So come visit me and check out the new digs. There’s still some construction going on, but it’s all good!


When I was attending college for the second time and focusing on my English degree, I worked for the Center for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development (a.k.a. CIKARD). I set up the initial web site for them and also wrote abstracts on sustainable agriculture and Somali Camel Herders. My experiences working with CIKARD along with growing up in rural Iowa on a fairly self-sufficient acreage, exposed me to the ideas of sustainability long before the concept was a buzz word in main stream media.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised in the last two months to find two magazines that show me how sustainability has hit the main stream as a life style choice. OmniMedia’s Whole Living, and LifeTime Fitness’ Experience Life. These magazines are a pleasure to read and offer practical solutions to living a more balanced, sustainable lifestyle. 

Maybe it’s the gardening and the decision to live a more purposeful life. Maybe it’s the magazines. But I’ve found myself going back to my sustainable roots this last month and really thinking about the resources I am using and what kind of impact my choices are having on the earth.

I’ve taken a plate, bowl, cup and flatware to the office, so that I’m not using plastic flatware or pitching styrofoam cups and paper plates into the garbage.  I’m eating way more locally since I have a garden now and I’m growing basil and chives in front of my apartment. I’m recycling more and looking for ways to further reduce the amount of trash leaving my home. And I’m looking at the kinds of products I’m using and how they are packaged.