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If you look carefully in the upper left corner of the picture below, you can see the corner of my office space here at home.

While the desk has served me well – thank you Ikea for building cheap yet sturdy furniture – it is time for it go buhbye. With the couch, there’s just not enough room for the exercise equipment, the desk area and the dining room table. And because the dining room table matches with my Billy bookcases and couch better, it gets to stay and the desk gets to go.

The good thing is that I have a friend who needs a desk so I can give it to her. So the desk isn’t going to end up in a landfill somewhere. Now if I can just figure out what to do with the ugly vertical blinds that cover up the 9 foot wall of glass that leads out to the back porch.


This afternoon Rooms-To-Go delivered my new sofa. And if the picture below is any indication, Simba is very happy with the new sofa as it provides him a place to sleep and clean himself.


I got a sweet deal on the sofa and it’s not expensive enough that if Simba decided to claw, that I’ll feel guilty about it. Plus now R and I have a nice place to watch movies (once I get the living room rearranged appropriately).

The biggest reason I got the sofa is because I’m tired of having the TV in the bedroom and sitting on the bed to watch movies.

Garden ToesMy nicely groomed toes have become a casuality of gardening – they have become Garden toes. Garden toes is the singular condition where no matter what kind of footware you wear, you end up with dirt all over your toes and spending time soaking/scrubbing  in the tub because you’re so tired from working in the garden that you can’t stand up.

But you know, repeated cases of garden toes are completely worth it. There is nothing more rewarding than eating fresh produce that you grew yourself.

This has been a really good weekend. Thursday night I stayed up late because I was talking with a friend on Facebook. I got up mid morning on Friday and went and got the tire fixed and then worked in the garden. R stayed at his place Friday night because he had to work on his mom’s van. I needed to finish some stuff up over in the garden so I brought him breakfast and coffee and then went down to his mom’s and worked in the garden a couple of hours. After I finished up with that, I went back down to his place and got cleaned up for my massage.

I had a 2 hour massage yesterday and the guy gave me the best massage I have had in a long time. He really knew when to move deeper over the muscle and got several things to release! After that I went to the store and picked up groceries for dinner last night, the cake and pasta I wanted to make for R’s birthday, and stuff for one other thing I wanted to make this week (cabbage rolls). I cooked a NY Strip Steak and then split it between salads for R and myself. Then after dinner, I started making birthday cake.

R ended up going to bed around 10:30 and it was around 12 before I went to sleep. I got up this morning at 8 and puttered a bit, then around 9 I started getting things ready for frosting the cake and making the pasta for dinner tonight. I made a 3 cheese penne pasta with Turkey Sauasage, green pepper, onion, and cherry tomato halves. It was delish.

R and I got cleaned up, cuddled a bit, then headed over to his mom’s. Mrs. B and I did a little bit in the garden while the pasta was heating up in the oven. R worked on his mom’s tiller. Poor Durl didn’t know where to go – her three favorite people were outside with her and she had a hard time choosing which one to pay attention to.

After dinner, we went back outside and when R finished up with the tiller, he mowed the grass where my corn patch is going to be, and then tilled it for me. R absolutely despises gardening but he did it because he knows it makes me happy. At one point this afternoon, my heart was welling up because I know R really loves me.

So tomorrow after work, I’ll be back over there, cleaning out the grass and stuff and added things to the soil to make it ready for more crops. I’m so stinking excited I can hardly stand it.

Next year, put all the longer growing things in one half of the garden and all the not so permanent things in the other half of the garden (I.E. Radishes, Broccoli, etc) that way you can till when needed.

I have my good side and I have my evil side – and right now they are at war thanks to my neighbor.

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for my neighbor. She set her keys on my car trunk this morning while she was doing something, and I drove off. The keys are nowhere to be found at this point.

The good side of me is feels sorry for her for losing her keys. The evil side of me wants to laugh because of the fact that she set her car keys on my car in the first place.

Dinner Friday night was a Ginger Steak Salad from The Pioneer Woman. OMG this is freaking delicious and spicy too! Definitely is going into my rotation on a regular basis.

Saturday was a laid back busy day. Laid back in that I didn’t have anywhere to go anywhere or have any place on the books that I had to be. Busy in that I spent a good chunk of this afternoon running errands. Went to Houston Garden Center and got 3 heirloom tomato plants – a Cherokee Purple, an Orange Oxheart, and an Old German. I also picked up several bell pepper plants – a big bertha, a valencia Orange, a golden bell, and I think a Whopper bell (which looks like it bears both red and green fruit). For my little containers that I’m going to put out front of the apartment, I picked up some sweet basil, some chives, a proliferating Rosemary, and some hens and chicks. I also picked up some bean and cucumber seeds, a fan head to put on the end of the hose, some organic fertilizer spikes for my plants.

After I got done at the garden place, I went over to Bob’s mom’s to drop off some of the stuff over there. I harvested some Romaine and a few more radishes put the fertilizer spikes in the ground, played with the dog a bit, and then watered the garden. I’ll go back over there tomorrow and clear the space for the plants I got today and thin out my scallions and weed. Then it was off to a couple hardware stores, wal-mart, and a couple of other places. I was pooped by the time I got back here so Bob took me out to Akimi.

I got pay back for having General Tso’s chicken at Akimi (Bob and I split the order). I ended up biting into a nicely disguised Dried Chili Pepper. I thought it was a Shrimp Tail at first and then I pulled it out of my mouth about the time my lips started burning. Then I promptly did it again }:) Bob was totally laughing at me.

Today I’m doing laundry and getting ready to shred newpaper before I go over to Bob’s Mom’s. This afternoon will be spent in the garden weeding and cleaning things up. I think I’m going to cut the rest of the lettuce so I have a little more room (I have more lettuce coming up in the other row). I also might expand the garden a bit so I can plant sweet corn, beans and cukes.

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